Glass and tile in a kitchen. Blue tea pot in the foreground. The “Smart Choice” Glass & Tile Flooring Store

Gold River Flooring

Glass Tile

Glass tile has become a popular design material in Sacramento homes for all types of living spaces. At Gold River Flooring, we use glass and metal tiles to add that touch of ‘something special’ to any room. These tiles are artistic touches that can be integrated into tile flooring, back-splashes, bathrooms, kitchens, or any other area where an iridescent hard surface will be pleasing to the eye.

Gold River Flooring offers quality glass tile and metal tile in a variety of colors, shapes and designs to meet anyone’s needs. So go ahead and imagine that colorful glass border around your shower floor, or that beautiful kitchen counter with unique glass integrated within it, we have the resources to make that vision become a reality. We make sure to create the masterpiece that you want to see in your home, and we are able to customize it to match your specific needs.

Emser Glass Tile Backsplash Gold River Flooring


Surface Art Tile Shower Gold River Flooring

Surface Art

Vogue Bay Glass Tile Bathroom Backsplash Gold River Flooring

Vogue Bay

Sotto Bathroom Tile Backsplash Gold River Flooring


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