Gold River Flooring

Getting Ready for installation

We want to make your Installation process easy

Here is of list of Items that must be removed prior to Installation.

We recommend that you select an area inside or outside of the house (spare room, garage, patio, etc…) for storage of the following items:

  1. All knickknacks, breakables, lamps, small tables, remove glass off of tables, etc…
  2. Fish Tanks
  3. Pool Tables (may we recommend a company?)
  4. Pianos (may we recommend a company?)
  5. Unhook and move all computers, printers, TV’s and stereo systems
  6. Hydraulic equipment, sophisticated office equipment
  7. Strip all beds of sheets, pillows and blankets
  8. Empty closet floor areas
  9. Empty/remove dresser drawers
  10. Remove all articles off of walls
  11. All draperies and light fixtures must be up and off the floor.

Keep in Mind

  • Our Installation Team members cannot disconnect/reconnect appliances, electronic equipment, etc..
  • We will need electricity and heating (68’F or above) this is needed for carpet stretching/seaming, bonding of adhesives, acclimation of wood products and the overall success of any installation.
  • Our Installation team members cannot cut doors this needs to be done by a General Contractor.



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